News Around The Lake

New Lake Web Cam Up And Running For The Winter

This winter we have a new web cam on the lake. It is courtesy of The Burleigh Falls Inn. Please enjoy over the winter and check out
our summer cams starting in late May of 2018. For more information about the web cam project please go here.

web cam page

Here is a picture from 2017/12/16



Net Neutrality Repealed In The United States and What  It Means to a Canadian Internet User

Net neutrality was repealed in the United States on 2017/12/15. Our web hosting site, Web Hosting Canada, has a plain, easy to understand, explanation of net neutrality and I wanted to share it with you.
A possible issue may be the speed some sites load if you are in the US and asking for a Canadian site (such as this one). If you are asking for a Canadian site hosted in the United States, it may load more slowly than you have experienced in the past. For a better understanding please follow the link below.

http://Net Neutrality


Hawkstone Manor Sold

Ronnie Hawkins estate on Ston(e)y Lake has been for sale and has now been sold. The property has been sold to a private family who have no intention of developing the property. The following link to the Peterborough Examiner article has more information. This is great news for the lake community. Hawkstone Manor Sold



Burleigh Falls Dam To Be Replaced

The Burleigh Falls Dam at Lock 28, originally built in 1912, will be replaced with a new dam with mechanized gates.

Additionally, operator and public safety features will be added to the site.
Please download the pdf file below for more information.



OMB decision on the planned development of the Fraser Property on Ston(e)y Lake

According to the web site the OMB has denied the developer’s application and appeals for development of the former Fraser land at

Burleigh Falls. This news was apparently delivered October 6, 2017. Please follow the hot link in the previous sentence to read the full text from the Friends of the Fraser Wetlands web site.

This victory for the lake.



 Lovesick Lake Camp Ground Expansion Plans

  • The Lovesick Lake Trailer Park purchased the former Strickers Resort property in December Of 2016. This property currently has 44 permanent RV sites as well as eleven cottages. Ten of these cottages have been torn down and replaced with RV site cottages
  • The 294 ( 300 ) RV expansion site was submitted to Peterborough County and a Selwyn Township Planning Departments last August   in 2016  as an ‘ Complete Application.” It appears to be on hold as  many adjustments to the plan need to be  made before it can go ahead. it was a formal application to  these two planning departments. and so would  now in 2017 – not be considered a new application. Gerry Herron, Selwyn councillor , indicated to two Lovesick Lake Association  committee members that the proponents intend to develop this large expansion over 15 years, once they comply with the Planning Departments demands.
  • the 2017 proposal of approx 33 rv sites on top of the escarpment (this proposal is just on their website map) (#s 345 to 378)

you can view the big picture here