Books About Ston(e)y Lake

Needing a book to read? Here is a ongoing list of Books About Ston(e)y Lake.

Upper Stoney Lake Gem of the Kawarthas (2002)

  • by: Gordon Berry and Lesley Wootton
  • ISBN# ISBN 0-9730898-0-6
  • This new book celebrates the Centennial of the Upper Stoney Lake Association. 100 years of cottaging, lake activities, and community development. It features a hard cover and full colour dust cover, 240 pages, over 400 pictures and a History of Early Cottages built before 1920. The many chapters cover most aspects of the history of the Upper part of Stoney Lake
  • The book is available at Lockside Trading, Stoney Lake Market at Crowes Landing, The Woodview Store, Happenstance Books in Lakefield and several other venues including Chapters in Peterborough.

From Burleigh to Boschink (2000)

  • by: Christie Bentham and Katharine Hooke
  • ISBN# 1-896219-63-2
  • National Heritage Books
  • A community called Stony Lake covers over a hundred years of human history, encompassing the Aboriginal Peoples, their presence and influence, early settlement and cottaging activity up to the present time. Family stories, local lore, boats and steamers, recreational opportunities, personalities and environmental concerns are all presented through the writings, the voices and memories of those who were there, and in some cases, still are. Richly supported by rare photographs and other visuals of Stony Lake, this publication will bring delight to many.
  • This book came out in June of 2000 and is available at the Juniper Island Store and various other retail establishments of Stony Lake. The price is $24.95.

Sisters in the Wilderness (1999)

  • The lives of Susanna Moodie and Catherine Parr Traill
  • By: Charlotte Grey
  • ISBN# 0-670-88168-6
  • Published by the Penguin Group
  • Penguin Books Canada Ltd.
  • 10 Alcorn Avenue, Toronto
  • Ontario, Canada
  • M4V 3B2
  • First published 1999
  • Charlotte Grey breathes new life into the lives of two emarkable characters who have become icons in the Canadian imagination. The book brings us a brilliantly clear picture of life in the backwoods of Upper Canada — much of it in and around Stoney Lake during pioneer times. The book includes many references to Stoney Lake including an entire chapter with the title: “A Trip to Stoney Lake”

“I Hear a Boat A-Whistlin’!” (1992)

  • by: Aileen Young
  • My Stoney Lake Memories. [s.l.]: Aileen Young, 1992.
  • Memoir by the granddaughter of P.P. Young, founder of the Stoney Lake Navigation Co., of the Young family, Stoney Lake and the steamboats which plied it.


From Campsite to Cottage (1992)

  • by: Katharin Hooke : Early Stoney Lake. Peterborough: Peterborough Historical Society, 1992.
  • This short but intriguing book chronicles the early days on Stoney Lake, from the mid-1800s to the 1920s as lake life developed from simple camping sites to the building of summer cottages. There is a discussion of the early cottagers and styles of cottages as well as local industries such as quarrying, logging, milling and building, proving that life on Stoney was not all fun and games. Ms. Hooke credits the 1883 American Canoe Association regatta at Juniper Island with the development of cottage life on Stoney Lake and the subsequent establishment, in 1896, of the Stoney Lake Cottagers Association. Overall the book presents a lively picture of daily life on the lake. There is a useful bibliography.


Hazy Days in Summer (1991)

  • by: Garth Duff, 1991.
  • A short history of Dummer Township centering on the Tedford family. It includes a chapter entitled “Stoney Lake”. The appendix includes “Snippets from Stoney” and “Points of Interest on Stoney”.


St. Peter’s-on-the-Rock, Stony Lake, Ontario: Seventy-Five Years of Service. (1989)

  • by: Katharine Hooke
  • 1st ed. [Stony Lake, Ont.?]: St. Peter’s-on-the-Rock Anniversary Committee, [1989].
  • History of the Stoney Lake church with illustrations and maps. Includes a list of marriages solemnized at St. Peter’s-on-the-Rock between 1919 and 1988; baptisms, 1920-1988; church wardens, 1914-1988/89; incumbents, visiting clergy and lay readers, 1914-1989.


A Question of Murder. (1988)

  • by: Eric Wright
  • Toronto: Collins, 1988.
  • In this novel by the Toronto mystery writer Eric Wright, the detective Charlie Salter is investigating an art fraud. The painting in question is of St. Peters-on-the-Rock, Stoney Lake. It is alleged to be a fraud because the cupola in the painting was not added to the church roof until after the artist’s death. Charlie interviews the artist’s relative, who has a cottage on Stoney Lake. The novel also raises the issue of spelling. The cottager tells Charlie that one clear indication of forgery is the mispelling of “Stoney” as “Stony”. As part of his investigations, Charlie travels to Stoney Lake and hires a boat. Cleverly he manages to combine his investigation with a little fishing! While the Stoney Lake story is secondary to the main plot, it is still fun for anyone with a connection to the lake.


Bellvidere: Fond Reflections of a Stoney Lake Hotel at Crowe’s Landing. (1987)

  • by: G. Knox
  • A reminiscence of the hotel.

Kawartha Park By Path and By Paddle (1987)

  • By: Doris Huffman
  • Soft cover, 103 pages incl. index; 1987
  • Kawartha Park is located on a mile of shoreline, partly on Clear and Stony Lakes in the Trent Severn Waterway.

Started by Lakefield and Peterborough families in the late 1800s, they soon were joined by people from Toronto and
United States. This is a story of the steamboats, regattas, church services and Cottagers Association of Kawartha Park.
Price: $12.00 at


Master Canoe Builder (1985)

  • This book is about Walter Walker the canoe builder from Lakefield who has made so many of the cedar strip canoes on Stony.
  • Printed by Homestead Studios Woodview, Ont.


The Lunge Hunter (1983)

  • by John Craig and Nick Nickels
  • The Life and Times of Alex Sharpe. Woodview, Ont.: Homestead Studios, 1983.
  • The story of Alexander Sharpe (1846-1937), a colourful Stoney Lake resident.Alex Sharpe was taught life in the outdoors by Handsome Jack Cow, the Indian chief after whom Jack’s Lake is named. Alex lived at Gilchrist’s Bay, fishing and hunting except in the winter months when he worked in a lumber camp. Much of the book is taken up by a detailed account of Sharpe’s murder trial – he killed his young wife’s lover in a fit of pique. The title of the book comes from Sharpe’s lifelong adversary, the muskellunge or ‘lunge, which he hunted all his life.


By The Sound Of Her Whistle (1975)

  • by: John Craig with illustrations by Fred Craig.
  • ISBN# 0-88778-117-9
  • Published by Peter Martin Associates Limited
  • 35 Britain Street, Toronto, Ont., M5A 1R7
  • This book is reveals the British plan to settle what is now Peterborough and how one of the families migrated to Young’s Point and became the prime provider of water transportation to the lakes around Young’s Point including Stony (Stoney) Lake. One part of he book discuses the hardships the early Irish settlers faced in the new world. The book also includes information on the History of the Trent-Severn waterway but by far, this book reveals the important part the steamships played in the opening of the Kawartha Lakes for the timber industry and later the tourists and cottagers


Peterborough Land of Shining Waters : An Anthology. (1966)

  • Peterborough: Centennial Committee for the City & County of Peterborough. 1st ed., 1966; 2nd ed., 1967.
  • A history of Peterborough and Peterborough County with many references to Stoney Lake. Essays of particular interest include “A Still on Eels Creek”, “Early Days” (references to Handsome Jack Cow and his brother), “Young’s Point” (information about the early steamboats), “Township Reminiscences” (see the section on Burleigh Township), “Early Mills”, “A Wonderful Year”, “Art and Artists”, “Frank Adams, Canoeist” (discussion of the 1883 American Canoe Association regatta at Juniper Island), “County Conservation”.



Stoney Lake 1906 Yearbook. Stoney Lake, Ont.: Stoney Lake Cottagers’ Association. (1906)


  • “It goes without saying that on all counts Stoney Lake is far and away the most picturesque and attractive of this galaxy of earthly paradises”.
  • This book was probably written as a tourist draw. It sings the praises of the area, with much information about fishing. Includes a list of the cottagers’ association executive, the objects and aims of the Association, Regatta rules and programme, and railroad and steamboat timetables. Also includes lots of contemporary advertisements. Illustrated with photographs.


Roughing It In the Bush (1852)

  • by: Susanna Moodie
  • available in various formats
  • This book has an account of her trip, with her family, to the lake in about the 1835 time frame.