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KPCA Mission Statement


KPCA’s Mission Statement:

The Kawartha Park Cottager’s Association (KPCA) is a vibrant member driven organization focused on the sustainability of lake life around the Kawartha Park shore.


To support the preservation of one of Ontario’s most beautiful lake areas as a high quality environment for future generations to enjoy.


To give our children and their children a natural environment and social ambience that is equal to or better than currently exists.


The Kawartha Park Cottager’s Association will serve its members and the larger Kawartha Park community by providing leadership, education and communication on issues affecting the Kawartha Park region while promoting the responsible use, enjoyment and conservation of our unique Kawartha Park environment.

These efforts will be concentrated in 7 areas:

  1. ENVIRONMENTAL: To protect and promote water quality and responsible land use.
  2. OVERSIGHT: To monitor and take action as required to safeguard the interests of property owners.
  3. LAISON: To facilitate and support communication with relevant authorities and other associations in support of Kawartha Park property owner’s interests and rights.
  4. SERVICES: To provide basic services regarding road maintenance and plowing, overflow parking, beach maintenance and access to recycling services.
  5. EDUCATION: To provide ad hoc information regarding issues and concerns pertaining to KPCA’s goal.
  6. COMMUNICATION: Through meetings and newsletters, provide opportunities for discussion and review of matters pertaining to the interests of association members.
  7. COMMUNITY: Provide leadership in community development including support of traditional events (Regatta, Corn Roast).