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Summer is in the Air

Summer is in the air so if you are like me you have been starting to think/dream/plan about the cottage. The ice is not yet out as i write this article but you should check for yourself by checking out this webcam website of the lake.  If you have a webcam or thinking about getting one read about the web cam project.   Also as we start to think about the summer you or someone you know might be looking for a summer job or even thinking of volunteering to gain some great experience.  Take a look at our new section on the website called Jobs & Volunteering. We  already have 7 position for jobs or volunteering opportunities posted.
Articles for the USLA Bulletin are being written as we speak with hopes to have the USLA Bulletin Spring Newsletter out by Victoria day.  Last year was  the final year for Clare Ross & Sue Dutton producing the Islander Magazine. Thank you Sue and Clare for such great memories  and great keepsakes of summers past. The magazine took a lot of their time and we have unfortunately not been able to find people to take up this great challenge.  Thus this year ASLC will be sending out a newsletter with the membership renewals and program information.  It too should be out in the next month.
The website is presented by the Association of Stony Lake Cottagers (ASLC) and the Upper Stoney Lake Cottagers Association (USLA). 
We may not agree on how to spell the name of the lake, but we are happy to offer you a common web site.
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