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ASLC 2014 AGM Agenda

Association of Stoney Lake Cottagers Inc.

Annual General Meeting – 2014



Time & Place

10:00 a.m., Saturday June 28, 2014                                                                           

Juniper Island Pavillion, Ston(e)y Lake




1. Call to Order                                                                                  Cindy Sibold

2.Approval of 2013 AGM Minutes and

   Approval of Prior Acts & Resolutions of the Directors                       All

3. Nominations                                                                                   Sue Dutton

4. Presidents Report                                                                           Cindy Sibold

5. Introduction of Store Operators                                                     Mike Greening

6. Financial Report                                                                             Katharine Dalton

7. Membership Report                                                                        Susan Fisher

8. Property Report                                                                             David Hahn

9. Planning for the Future: The Juniper Island Store                           Cindy Sibold

                                                                                                         David Hahn

10. Community Liaison Update                                                            Cindy Sibold

11. Program Update                                                                           Jennifer Angelopoulos

12. Arts and Culture Update (JIAF, JIFF, Museum)                              Greg Woodbury

                                                                                                         Sue Dutton

13. St. Peter’s Centenary Celebrations                                                 Pat Bunting

                                                                                                         Barb Rishor    

14. Environment Council Update                                                        Rob Little

15. Guest Speakers

            Kawartha Land Trust                                                              Mike Hendren

            “Juniper Boy”                                                                         Len Minty

            Friends of Burleigh Bay                                                         Scott Wooton

            P.R.H.C.                                                                                 Ria Nicolson

            Viamede                                                                                  Ben Samann   

            Sprint                                                                                      Andrew Rush

16. SLYC                                                                                            Dave Bart

17. Heritage Foundation                                                                     Blair Mackenzie

18. Adjourn to Annual B-B-Q                                                            Cindy Sibold