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Pot Luck Remarks

100th Anniversary Service of Celebration

Remarks by Pat Bunting

Thank you and good morning

I was asked the question by the Anglican Journal in an interview yesterday “when did we start to plan for the 100th Anniversary of St Peter’s on-the-rock?” My answer was after the 75th – we like to celebrate, we wanted another one.

When planning started in earnest, we defined the theme of our centenary as 1914 to 2014 Across the Generations. The celebration needed to reflect two of St Peter’s key strengths:   inclusivity, we are a community church, and continuity, across the generations

So many of us were here as children and are now here with our grandchildren . . . and God willing the grandchildren could one day be here with their grandchildren

Bea Morris is here today, her parents’ the first to be married at St. Peter’s; Bea the first to be baptised.

Another of strengths is volunteerism; since the beginning volunteerism has been the essential core of St. Peter’s . . . and preparing for our centenary was no exception. Unfortunately my co-chair, Sheila Brownscombe is unable to be with us today but in a message I received from her yesterday she notes “it takes a lot of very good people working very well for a long time to achieve what has been achieved.”

I want to recognize and thank all the wonderful talented people who have dedicated so much time to enable this day – a day to give thanks – thanks for our lake community and how for 100 years St. Peter’s On-the-Rock has provided this, the most beautiful setting, for all members of our community to gather for worship and fellowship.

May we applaud all who have made this day possible

Thank you