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Update on the Future of the Store

 As the Juniper Island Store is nearing the end of its useable life, the Board had it inspected by Bradley Engineering of Norwood, Ontario as well as by David Bonsall of DM Wills and it is deemed unsafe as it is fraught with structural deficiencies and discontinuities, creating a "high degree of unpredictability and risk".  To meet the Association's long-term objectives ragarding the store's service life, use and occupancy as well as building code requirements, the store will have to be replaced as such an act is the most prudent, long-term solution.  The cost estimates to reconstruct a new store in the image of the current building are to be presented to members at the Annual General Meeting in June.

ASLC Members were asked to fill out a survey in the summer of 2014 and the results of this survey reveal the following.  The majority of respondents would, if given the choice, choose to rebuild the store, while adhering to the original function, image and character of the original building.  Respondents want to see the iconic exterior facade replicated as closely as possible, but agree to minor interior alterations if they increase functionality and/or address current deficiencies.  Members understand the reasons the store needs to be rebuilt, but want to ensure the unique culture and charm of the facility do not change significantly.

The Q & A Summary link will take you to a document outlining the information brought to ASLC members at the AGM regarding the condition of the store.

The Survey link will take you to an Executive summary of the survey results regarding the membership's wishes for the future of the Junniper Island Store.