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Fraser Estate (Burleigh Bay Development)


The Burleigh Bay Corporation is proposing a 60 lot condominium development. The lake front properties are to have 30m development setbacks from Stony Lake and boat access will be via a common harbour.  The Township of North Kawartha held a special meeting on October 23rd, 2013 regarding the proposed Burleigh Bay Development. Planning for the development continues. At least one public meeting will be held prior to consideration of final approvals for the development. The ASLC has formally requested that the public meeting be held in July or August so that summer residents can be present. Additional information can also be obtained on the North Kawartha Council website at www.northkawartha.on.ca


Update on Burleigh Bay Development (Fraser Property)

 Currently the Friends of Faser Wetlands  are trying to fundraise for lawyers and consultants.



Here is a listing of PDF documents on the Fraser Property


The following documents and links contain publicly available information relating to the proposed Burleigh Bay Development and are provided solely for ease of reference. The ASLC is monitoring the status of the proposed development but has not, at this time, adopted any positions either for or against the proposed development. The ASLC is not responsible for the accuracy, legality or content of these documents or any external website

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