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Invitation To Participate in Service

December, 2013

Dear St. Peter's community,

We want as many voices as possible involved in our special 100th anniversary service on Sunday July 20, 2014. The true spirit of St. Peter's is that it is a lay-led community and we
want to include adult and younger members of the congregation. The 100th anniversary liturgical committee (Alan Wotherspoon, Helen Batten, Tim Elliott) would like you to nominate people to fill various roles. Our hope is that the scripture readings, sermon, and prayers of the people will each be led by 3 people – one lay person, one youth, and
one clergy.

This is where you can help. We are eager to receive nominations of lay people and youth to be involved. We will invite the clergy who will be chosen to represent the various decades of St.
Peter's. In each situation we visualize the 3 participants standing side by side at one of the microphones.

Here are the opportunities:

  1. There will be 3 readings (Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel) and each will be divided into 3 segments. Thus we require 9 readers – 3 clergy (whom we will recruit), 3 lay people and 3 youth.
  2. The Sermon. Three participants required – 1 clergy, 1 lay person and 1 youth.
  3. Prayers of the People. Three participants required – 1 clergy, 1 lay person and 1 youth.

Note: The liturgical committee will:

  • recruit the clergy participants, and
  • will work closely with both the sermon and the prayer teams

If we're successful that would mean we will have 15 St. Peter's voices - 5 lay people - 5 youth and 5 clergy involved in our special service.
Alan Wotherspoon will be receiving nominations and would be happy to hear from you. Please nominate anyone you think would be a good reader, sermon presenter or prayer leader. It's
important to make sure the person is likely to attend the July 20th service next summer. Alan's e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please provide contact information for your nominee's whereabouts in January 2014.

In selecting the participants the liturgical committee will use the following criteria:

  • a broad cross section of the St. Peter's community over the years, and
  • experience in public speaking/reading and writing/leading prayers

We're excited by the idea of many voices involved and hope you will seriously consider our invitation for nominations. Nominations close January 15, 2014.



Alan Wotherspoon, Helen Batten, Tim Elliott