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USLA Paddle


USLA Paddle 2013


  • The objects is for paddlers of each kayak canoe or skiff to pick up some or all of the six tokens (letters spelling stoney) from their floating containers somewhere within the encloised area


  • Sunday July 21, 2013

Start Time/Location:

  • It will take about 2 hours (weather dependent). You can start at crowes landing or at your own dock.

Finish Time/Location:

  • At 12 o'clock noon the tokens may be exchangesd for a special commenmorative crest for each of the registred boats at a luncheon (USLA pavilion)

Registration Cost:

  • $5 per kayak and $10/canoe (Extra crests $5 )
  • Register by 9pm on Sat. July 21 , 2013


Len Minty

C: 705-877-2872

T: 705-876-1159

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Island 89


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