Stony Lake in the Movies


Here is a ongoing list of movies and TV programs filmed on the lake.

Restaurant Makeover (2006?)

Restaurant Makeover  TV show on The Food Network challenged two restaurant top guns to renovate, revamp, and re-launch  Viamede’s Boathouse Restaurant.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005)

This squeal of Cheaper By the Dozen starring Steve Martin was filmed on Stony lake.  Tom Baker ( Steve Martin) is the the head of the Baker family and he takes his family on vacation to a small cabin in “Wisconsin”(Stony Lake, Ontario).   One of the children Lorraine is played by Hillary Duff.  The Baker’s Cabin for the movie was built and then torn down after the filming.  However Tom Baker’s rival Jimmy Murtaugh (Eugene Levy) cottage’s is a beautiful cottage on Stony Lake by Burleigh Falls.

Murtaug Cottage – 44°33’16″N   78°11’48″W It is a Real cottage on the mainland on the Burleigh Channel
Baker Cottage – 44°33’17″N   78°11’56″W –  It was just a set that was torn down after the movie

The In-laws (2003)

This is a remake of 1979 cult classic starring Michael Douglas which was film in parts on Stony Lake.  They brought in a classic wooden open power boat and it was kept at Carveth’s which they film a couple scenes with. The lake scenes were shot at the Glass House.   Check out some interesting link on the movie below.

All My Children? (1982?)

One of the characters was kidnapped and taken to the wilds of Canada.   Stony Lake turns out to be the Wilds of Canada.   The program was filmed at the Glass Cottage on Stony Lake.