Ston(e)y Lake Web Cams

Here is the link to the web cams

The Ston(e)y Lake Web Cams


Why a web cam project for the lake? If you were visiting the lake web site in the early 2000s you will remember we had a web cam on the Burleigh Channel. It was very popular and many people commented on how much they liked the web cam idea. There are currently 4 web cams on the lake that I know about. One at Young’s Bay and 3 on the western part of the lake. Two of the cams are up all winter. With your help we can add more. See what is happening at the lake from afar.
I would like to add more cams to the present web site. lake. This has become more feasible with the availability of internet access to cottages. The use of wireless web cams make setting up a web cam at the cottage very easy.

Here is the overview of what I propose.

Cottagers who wish to participate will have wireless internet access at the cottage. They will obtain a wireless web cam and install at the cottage. (it must support ftp, (file transfer protocol)). They will then transmit the image to the web cam web site  (the current web cam site). They will provide an approximate name for the image.

Here are my specs.

The cam must be up every day for at least July and August. Other months are an added bonus.
the image will be uploaded to the web site once every 5 to 20 minutes
the cam should be active from approximately sun rise to sun set ( best images are from 45 minutes before sunrise to 45 minutes after sunset ( can be off over night)
if cam set-up allows it, date and time embedded in uploaded image
each cam image will have a name of approximate location or area of lake

Why wireless? I suggest wireless because no pc or laptop are required on site. The wireless web cam will transmit directly to the wireless router on site. The router will then send the image on to the lake web cam site.

Wired web cams are also welcome as long as you adhere to the specs above.


The intent here is to showcase the beauty of the lake and not specific activity. Therefore I suggest that the web cam be placed in a location that showcases the lake and minimizes people.


With the wide availability of internet service at the cottage (Nexicom a few years ago and Bell more recently) many cottagers have opted for internet at the cottage. If you are with Bell they give you a wireless router as part of the package. Cottagers on Nexicom may have purchased wireless routers for use at their cottage.  To transmit an average of 144 images per day for a month  is  less than .5 gig of data. Most plans would handle that with no problem.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Paul Martin for more details. I can be reached at or 705-654-3953 between Victoria Day Weekend and Thanksgiving Weekend.