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Our Mission is to provide timely, accurate and relevant information for all things Ston(e)y Lake, Ontario.

This site has been developed to reflect the Ston(e)y Lake Community. It will contain information about activities, environment, cottager associations, services, and more.

As this site is new and always updated, please feel free to contact me with your comments and ideas. This can be done through the contact tab on the menu bar.

Paul Martin..Web Master

We are 20 years old this year, watch for flashbacks of previous versions of this website.

As promised, here is our first home page from 1999. It was small and basic but it was a start. Come back in a few weeks and see what 2002 looked like. Here is 1999.

This how the site looked in the 2002 time frame, notice the name on the steamer is Stoney Lake.



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